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Study reveals Facebook engagement is decreasing, Instagram on the rise



Facebook engagement report

We have always heard from marketers that Facebook and Instagram are the two best platforms for marketing. Well, it is a known fact that Facebook owns Instagram, and therefore, they are basically the same. However, both the platforms work on their own very different identity. While we have all types of content such as photos, videos and text-based posts on Facebook, we only have photos and videos, media in short, on Instagram.

This means that media content is more popular on Instagram whereas we can even promote text-based content on Facebook. Over the years, we have known that Facebook is the biggest social media network. And this fact it still true in 2019 too. But that does not mean that Facebook is the biggest platform in engagement. The recent data leaks and privacy issues inside Facebook have made users leave the platform. We now have data revealing this fact as well.

According to a new study, Instagram is increasing in user engagement whereas Facebook’s engagement is constantly declining. The study also shows that Instagram will surpass Facebook in engagement in a few years time if the trend continues. Facebook says that its usage is not declining but we can see that the study certainly thinks so.

This study is done by eMarketer on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to see the user engagement on different platforms. Interestingly, eMarketer’s study also predicts that Snapchat will neither have a decline nor an incline in the near future which is good and bad at the same time. However, Facebook’s data shows that it will decline in the future.

On the other hand, Instagram’s engagement will keep on increasing in the future. As far as eMarketer’s prediction is concerned, it is done for the next two years based on trends at the moment. Although Facebook says that their user base numbers are increasing, it is found out that time spent on Facebook by users is actually declining.


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