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Facebook will be rolling out the Watch Together so that the users can enjoy videos with their friends




The users of Facebook will now be able to watch videos together with their friends Asphalt the new update launched by the concerned authorities of the social media platform. Facebook Messenger will now allow 8 users to watch videos together with the new feature. This new feature will be launched very soon and it will be called Watch Together. The feature really looks interesting and it is a co-viewing experience. The users will be able to watch videos on Facebook together with this feature. However, the users will only be able to watch the content which is on Facebook so it is a limit and a disadvantage in this feature.

Although, it is also said by the concerned authorities of Facebook that their library will be also expanding. Facebook will now also add licence content and user-uploaded videos on its platforms so that the users can watch it together. As per the statement made by the authorities of Facebook, it is said that the future will provide a very pleasant experience to all of the users and they will be able to laugh and cry together while watching different types of videos. The Watch Together feature of the platform will help the users to be more close with each other.

The platform also recently revealed that around 150 million video calls are recorded every day through their Facebook Messenger application. This statistics clearly means that the users are enjoying the quality of the video call of the platform. Around 200 million videos are sent through Messenger every day. Through the new feature, Facebook will be providing people with the opportunity to use video watching and video calling facility side by side. The concerned authorities of the platform have said that they have provided this feature so that the friends can connect to each other on a personal level. This feature will also be beneficial to the advertisers

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