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351.8 Million Domain names in total on the Internet as of Q1 2019: Verisign



Domain names in the world

Have you ever imagined how many domain names are exactly there on the internet? If yes, you will get your answer from here because we now have the data released by Verisign. Verisign has announced the data for the total number of domain names that have been registered since the beginning of the Internet. However, you should note that this data is from the closure of the first quarter of 2019 which means the data is only till March 2019.

Talking about the numbers, Verisign says that as of March 2019, there are 351.8 million domain names in total on the Internet. Now, this is across all the TLDs or top-level domains which consists of .com, .net as well as other popular extensions. Also, this marks an increase of 3.1 million domain name registrations quarter-over-quarter as compared to the last quarter of 2018.

This increase of 3.1 million domain names is an increase of 0.9%. Talking about year-over-year growth, we have 18 million domains more registered in this year as compared to the last one. In terms of percentage, this is an increase of 5.4%.

Talking about domains, in particular, we know that .com and .net TLDs which are handled by Verisign have the most amount of registrations out of all the domain TLDs. So as expected, .com and .net TLDs alone have 154.8 million domain names registered out of the total of 351.8 million in total. However, it is surprising to note that a total of 9.6 million domain names were registered in Q1 2018 whereas 9.8 million domain names were registered in Q1 2019 for .com and .net domain names.

What this data also tells us is that the total number of domains registered in the world are constantly on the rise. And it will get harder and harder for users to find the domain names of choice in a few years time. Thus, it is advised that users register the domain names that they desire as early as possible because they might not remain available for a long time.


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