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Facebook will be modifying the Group’s tab to make it more user friendly and easier to manage



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The new update on Facebook will be going out very soon and now users will able to join public groups in a much easier way. The test about the update will be beginning in the upcoming months and now Facebook users will be able to see related Facebook group discussions on their newsfeed. Whenever someone will post a link or will reshare a post then the users will be able to see that on their newsfeed. The group’s tab on Facebook will be updated so that it can provide you with content from public groups that are related to your interest. Now, in the group’s tab, people will be able to find recommended groups very easily and all of the suggestions will be made available to them as per their interest and relevancy. You will now be able to engage with the group content even without joining them.

However, there will be relevant settings available for the admins that are if they want to enable this setting or disable this setting. If the group admin chooses to enable this setting then their group post will be available in the news feed of the relevant users. Admins will also now be able to get new tools so that they can work with them. The Facebook groups department will be 10 years old very soon and the company will be making some of the announcements regarding the department. Around 1.8 billion people are using Facebook groups every month.

Admins will be now able to set rules for their groups specifically so that the post can be automatically moderated. They will also be able to organise their content according to the topics with the usage of hashtags. You can now also use your public group to make money using brand collaborations. Community management certification courses will also be available for the admins which will help them to grow their community.

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