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New 18 end user domain name sales have taken place



domain name sales

The public domain name sales of Sedo for this week is a domain with a hyphen: at $61990. The domain transfer is under process. Also, it is still unknown who has bought it. However, it might be related to the top end-user sale discovered for

However, here is the list of the end user domain name sales that occurred at Sedo this week. Let’s have a look at them. (€25,000) – The Technical University of Nuremberg forwarded this domain to, where it is now building its website. ($20,000) – Yellow Software is a global software development company which is having its specialization in secure cloud infrastructure. It is also using the domain (€20,000) – This is a German travel information website for areas that are located in Germany’s Southern Rhine region. This one is also a new domain for them after their previous one. ($17,000) – Toybox is a 3D printer seller.

Grouper. EU (€6,755) – Grouper works as an HR software company. It has also forwarded the domain to ($5,000) – This domain comes as an online financial market trading tool. (€4,500) – This domain is having its forward to The German-language site also talks about the stuff regarding virtual training, investing, technology, etc. ($4,000) – The On-Line Taxes, Inc., which is however a tax preparation service, purchased this domain. v ($3,899) – AuI’s site is still being developed. (€3,500) – It is an Italian app to exchange cryptocurrencies. ($3,486 – Kiss Dresses Limited in China hence opted for the purchase of this domain. ($2,888) – Guardian Capital Partners works as a private equity firm from Pennsylvania. (€2,390) – Eco-Services is however a French renovation and interior design/architecture firm. (€2,304) – Furthermore, the buyer, Cyberfair GmbH, is a German event and marketing agency that mainly deals with the development, conception, and various marketing trade fairs.

Moreover, other ones who participated in the domain sales are, ($2,200), ($2,200), (€2,001) and ($2,000).

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