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Snap unveils real-time Generative AI at Augmented World Expo



Snap Generative AI

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, made significant strides in augmented reality (AR) technology at the Augmented World Expo, showcasing new tools and capabilities aimed at enhancing AR experiences for both users and creators.

One of the key highlights of the event was Snap’s demonstration of an early version of its real-time, on-device image diffusion model. This model, as described by Snap co-founder and CTO Bobby Murphy, is designed to generate vivid AR experiences directly on smartphones. It operates swiftly enough to re-render frames in real time, responding dynamically to text prompts—a feat that underscores Snap’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AR technology.

Murphy emphasized the importance of speed in generative AI models for AR applications, acknowledging that previous iterations lacked the necessary pace to be truly transformative. He highlighted ongoing efforts within Snap to optimize machine learning models for faster performance, paving the way for more seamless and immersive AR interactions.

Snapchat users can anticipate seeing these advanced Lenses incorporating the new generative model in the coming months, with plans to empower creators with access to the technology by year’s end. This initiative marks a significant evolution in how AR content is developed and consumed, promising richer, more interactive experiences for Snap’s global user base.

In addition to advancements in AR technology for users, Snap announced the launch of Lens Studio 5.0, a pivotal update tailored for developers. This latest version introduces powerful generative AI tools aimed at streamlining the creation process for AR effects. Developers can now generate highly realistic ML face effects for selfie Lenses, apply custom stylization effects in real time across faces, bodies, and surroundings, and swiftly integrate 3D assets into their creations.

According to Murphy, Lens Studio 5.0 represents a leap forward in empowering AR creators by significantly reducing development times—from weeks to mere minutes in some cases. This efficiency boost is expected to inspire a wave of innovative AR content across Snapchat, enhancing engagement and user interaction with the platform.

Overall, Snap’s announcements at the Augmented World Expo underscore its dedication to advancing AR technology and democratizing access to cutting-edge tools for creators.

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