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You can now report offensive images in Google Web Search Results



Report images inside Google Search

At this point in time, you must have noted that Google is one of the best search engines if not the best. One of the big reasons why this is the case is because Google offers a various different type of search results. If you want to read the news, you can go to the News tab in Google Search and get curated news. In order to get simple queries answered, you have the normal Google Search where you can ask anything and everything.

However, there is one more category of searchers in Google Search which is also useful. We are talking about Google Image Search where you can not only search for images but even do reverse image search as well. This means that if you upload any photo, Google will search and give you a similar-looking image for fact-checking. Talking about fact-checking, we have seen that hate images are on the rise. For this reason, it has become harder to know which image is right or real and which is wrong or fake.

Now, Google allows us to report images inside its Web Search Results. Basically, what this means that if you find something offensive which should not be there on Google then you can report that image. After that, Google will make sure to review your report and give the necessary feedback and remove the image if it is found to be in violation. While this may sound a small update, it is not as reporting things on Google is very important. However, we feel that Google should have had this ability to report images for a long time instead of just adding them now. However, as they say, it is better late than never so we can finally start reporting images that are offensive, misleading or fake.

I am Kevin Lin, the founder, and Editor-in-Chief of FlipWeb. A comic nerd, Internet Marketing Influencer and an amateur photographer.

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