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Google seems to be testing breadcrumbs in place of links on Desktop Search



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If you have followed Google for a while, you will know that there is nothing to worry if you see something new every day. This is because is known to be testing something or the other every day. Also, it has to be said that you might feel lucky or otherwise if you see a newer version.

Because Google has said that they choose a closed group of users for testing newer features and changes. Having said that, we have to report changes which are quite significant and might make a change to how we browse the web.

In a recent report, it has been found out that Google is testing a new way to show search results. Basically, you have been accustomed to seeing a long list of links inside Google Search on Desktop. The results might vary on mobile search as well as other forms but the desktop search remains the same. However, we are noticing that the entire URLs are being dropped by Google.

According to the screenshots we have seen, Google is replacing URLs with breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are basically footprints of a website which shows you navigation of the entire website. For example, a breadcrumb of the website might be something which looks like “Home> Page 1> Page 2” etc.

If the testing from Google turns into reality, you might see something like this on Desktop search inside Google. Therefore, it might not be long before the entire URLs are hidden and just the navigation links for a website are shown. It could be interesting to see if we can directly jump to any part of the website by clicking on breadcrumbs. This is not possible at the moment via URLs currently shown in Google Search’s desktop results.

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