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WordPress users will now be able to speed up their websites using the APO feature by Cloudflare




Do you want to speed up your WordPress website? You can go to the new service which has been launched by Cloudflare. The service launched by Cloudflare is known as Automatic Platform Optimisation. Through the service, your Time To First Byte will be improved by 72%. The Largest Contentful Paint will be increased by 23%. This service is available for free for all of the WordPress users. However, if your website is not hosted on WordPress then you can sign up for the service for just $5 a month.

It is said by the experts that the sites will be witnessing a lot of improvements in their speed by this service launched by Cloudflare. It is also said that the websites which are hosted on Shared Hosting are generally very slow. There is a lot of burden on server resources. However, Cloudflare has clarified that because of their APO Technology all of the websites will be able to experience a high-speed whether they are hosted on a shared server or an individual server. The Cloudflare APO feature will help your website to increase the speed. Therefore you will be able to see an improvement of 72% in your Time To First Byte metric.

The performance of WordPress sites is slowed because of template bloat, plugins, superfluous JavaScript and many other such things. These things are solely responsible for the speed metrics of the WordPress site. The Cloudflare APO will take these slow websites into consideration. It will store a static copy of the WordPress site that will help improve the speed of your website. The concerned authorities of Cloudflare have said that they will take into consideration all of the hard work regarding the websites of the users. The company have also said that they will be launching similar features for all other web hosting companies.

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