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Verisign releases the list of Trending Domain name keywords of June 2019



Verisign Trending domain keywords

If you have been following the domain market closely, you might have seen the list of trending domain name keywords every month. Now, we have also covered this list of keywords without fail every month. This list of keywords are revealed by Verisign itself who is the registrar of .com and .net keywords across the globe.

Since the keywords are released by Verisign itself, they are accurate as well. However, the only problem with these keywords is that they are released after the month has gone by. Rather than that, domain buyers would be interested in getting domain keywords that might be predicted to trend. Or else, domain name keywords per week may also help.

Nonetheless, this is what we have at the moment as Verisign has released list of Top 10 domain name keywords for June 2019. As mentioned earlier, the keyword has to be used at least 700 to 800 times for getting in to the Top 10 list. However, the top keyword might be registered anywhere between 5000 to 10000 times as well.

We have seen various lists over the past months but we can say one thing for certain that .com and .net keywords are mostly different from each other. This means that the keywords which are trending for .com may not be the same for .net domains. However, this month’s list is different because the trending keyword for .com and .net is the same, Libra.

If you are unaware about reason behind Libra being the number 1 keyword, it is the name of cryptocurrency announced by Facebook in June. Apart from that, Snafu is the trending .com keyword at second place while Casino is the trending keyword in .net domains.

As we mentioned earlier, the trends between .com and .net keywords continue. Because apart from Libra, there is not a single keyword which is matching for .com and .net domains in the list released by Verisign.


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