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Putting keywords in domain name will not be beneficial at all: John Mueller answers the questions on the issue



John Mueller is at it again and is helping the site owners to improve their SEO. Recently, the Google representative has advised the SEO and site owners that there is no benefit of having keywords in the domain name. He also said that there will be no ranking benefits if you are having keywords in your domain name. The issue was addressed by the representatives through an Ask Google Webmasters video. This answer was given by the representative while a question was asked about the keyword-based domain extensions. The user asked John whether the .jobs domain improve the ranking in Google for jobs.

Answering the question John Mueller said that this is a very common question which was asked from him every now and then by the users. He answered and addressed the keywords both in the top-level domain and domain in general. It is a very common question to ask about in the top-level domain. He clearly said that there is no use of having keywords in the top-level domain. Even if you search for anything there is no guarantee that the domain name related to the search shows up at the first place. John Mueller specifically said that if the keyword is included in the domain name it will not even make your site rank better. This was a total of waste of time.

Having the keyword in the domain name does not make your website more relevant for that keyword. Users must not put keywords in the domain name. The representative of Google also said that if you put a keyword in your domain name then it will definitely prove to be a big disadvantage. The site will have trouble to rank in different niches. John Mueller also said that the domain name should be flexible enough to cover all of the niches. It must be suitable for the long run.

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