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Google says that domain age does not matter in ranking



Domain age in Google

As we have already mentioned before, there are many myths in the SEO industry. Unless someone clears those as true or false, those remain to be the truth. Now, one of the longest standing myth which most of the SEOs believe is true is regarding domain age. SEO professionals say that it is better to have a website which is based on a domain registered a year ago rather than a website having a freshly-registered domain.

Now, there are evidences that this might be true but there might be other factors as well. It simply does not depend on when the domain was first registered. Google’s John Mueller has now come out to say the same thing which makes it the official word from Google.

He says that it does not matter if you have a domain that was registered before or a domain that was registered just now, if you have good content then your site will rank. A website can not rank only on the basis that a domain has been registered before and is old now.

To be specific, John Mueller was asked whether domain age helps to gain trust value which is one of the 200 signals in ranking a website. On this, John Mueller said “No, domain age helps nothing.” which makes it extremely clear that it does not matter.

However, the other factor here is that if a domain has been registered since long and is already old, it must also have a lot of websites linked to it. This is what matters when you have an older domain which are the backlinks pointing to that particular domain.

Therefore, you should have a clear idea in your mind that only domain age does not matter but that old domain should also have value otherwise it is same as the fresh domain because both the domains would have the same value.


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