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TikTok has 45 days to operate or get out by selling their US business




One thing we have heard from the US regarding Tiktok is that their future is not at all bright in the country. Earlier, we saw how the US President was trying to place a ban on TikTok in the country but it looks like they have done something even better. The US government has tried to see their own benefit in the whole TikTok ban and have passed an executive order where the company will only have 45 days of operations in the US. After 45 days, TikTok will have to compulsorily get out of the country and stop their operations.

However, there is a relief for the company because the US government has allowed them to sell their US business if they desire to do so. If that’s the case, ByteDance will not be able to operate TikTok but the platform will be able to run with the help of a US company. It also looks like Microsoft is the closest to reaching a deal with the Chinese viral platform app while Apple has said they are not interested and we don’t know about Google and Facebook. Also, we have seen that Facebook released Instagram Reels which is a direct competitor to TikTok so they might also not be interested.

Same thing with Google who also likes to make similar platforms of their own rather than buying the platform itself. The executive order from the US government mentions that they are against data collection inside the app which includes location data and search history.

The order further adds that “This data collection threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information — potentially allowing China to track the locations of Federal employees and contractors, build dossiers of personal information for blackmail, and conduct corporate espionage” so the platform will be “prohibited beginning 45 days after the date of this order”.

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