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Around 100 Million Users Of TikTok Alone In The US: Lawsuit Disclosed Numbers




Tiktok is already suffering enough in its battle of not giving up its place in America. President Donald Trump has already filed a suit against the app due to which the app has to wrap up its services till 15 September or sell itself to a US business.

Many of the companies are running behind the apps so that they can purchase it. Recently, Walmart and Microsoft also teamed up to buy the app. Although, TikTok has also filed a suit against the complaint issued by the President of the US.

But this can only a tactic to increase the time that is given to them by the President. In the lawsuit that has been filed by TikTok, it is quite clearly stated in the statistics of the application-

  • 100 million users in the US every month
  • 50 million users every day
  • Growth of around 800% since January 2018
  • 11 million monthly US users in 2018
  • 27 million monthly US users in 2019
  • 91 million monthly US users in June 2020
  • Downloaded 2 billion times globally
  • As of July 2020, 700 million monthly active users around the world.
  • 54 million monthly active worldwide users in January 2018
  • 271 million monthly active worldwide users in December 2018
  • 507 million monthly active worldwide users in December 2019

If TikTok is not able to redeem itself from the ban that will be imposed on it on 15th of September then all of their numbers will go into vain. President Donald Trump is quite evident in banning the app because of the security issues from the parent company. ByteDance is accused of stealing the data from its US users.

Although the app has denied any of the accusations and also said that they store the data for the US users in the servers which are outside China. If the app is ban then around 10,000 people will possibly lose their job. 1500 employees will be jobless.

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