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Instagram Engagement is declining since May according to a study



Instagram Engagement

We know that most of what Instagram is today was once a part of Snapchat. Later, Facebook copied some popular features from Snapchat such as Stories etc. and have made the platform popular. Now, people believe that Instagram originally came up with the idea of Stories while it was Snapchat’s. As a part of the popularity, Instagram has now become the best platform for engagement on the Internet right now.

However, a new study now claims that the engagement on Instagram is going down and the decline is seen sharply since May 2019. This study was conducted by Trust Insights which is a marketing data and consulting firm. The firm analyzed over 1.4 million Instagram posts since January this year to June.

Talking about the engagement numbers, this study defines engagement rate as total number of interactions on posts divided by size of an account’s following. This means that the more number of followers that an account has, the better should be its engagement rate and vice-versa.

Now, we will reveal what was found from the study done by this firm. It was found that in mid-April, the maximum engagement rate of account was 1.54%. This means that if an account has a million followers, the account has engagement from only 1540 of its followers.

However, the engagement rate now hovers around the 0.9% and it is 0.2% down from the engagement rate at beginning of this year which was at 1.1%. The study also finds that brands as well as individual influencers are suffering from this decline.

The maximum engagement rate for Fashion Influencers seen on February 17 was 4.3% which has now come down to 2.4% as noted on June 20. This decline is substantial when the accounts have a higher number of followers. This means that the influencers are hit harder than the brands. But the study also mentions that no API change has been noticed which might be responsible for this decline.


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