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Instagram might beat Twitter to become the most popular news source



Instagram news source

We have seen that the trends of getting the information and the source from where we can get the latest news has changed over the years. Before the internet came to be popular, we had to wait to get the information from news channels and newspapers that would typically come late in the day or next morning. At that time, we had to rely on news channels to report the news and only then we could have known the things. But now, we have social media platforms where news comes instantly and spreads fast among people too.

We have literally seen instances where news channels also rely on social media to get news and then report it on their channels. But there have been trends on where people go to get their daily dose of news. At first, we relied on Facebook to get the news break but it has come to be known that their algorithm does not give the latest post on top so it is possible many things might be missed. Then people came to Twitter and still rely on the platform to get their news because latest tweets come on top which means chances of missing them are unlikely.

But a new report says that even more people are getting their latest news from Instagram nowadays. The situation is such that Instagram will surpass Twitter to become the best and most popular news source.

The report mentions that

“Access to news continues to become more distributed. Across all countries, just over a quarter (28%) prefer to start their news journeys with a website or app.

Those aged 18–24 (so-called Generation Z) have an even weaker connection with websites and apps and are more than twice as likely to prefer to access news via social media.” where Instagram and Twitter come out to be on top.

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