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NameSilo now manages 3 Million Domains around the world



NameSilo 3 Million domains

NameSilo, a domain registrar same as GoDaddy and NameCheap, has announced that it has crossed the 3 Million Domains mark which means that they now have 3 Million Domains under its management. This is particularly big because NameSilo last announced in September 2018 that is has crossed the 2 Million mark.

In less than a year, the company has now crossed the 3 Million mark which means that it has added a million domain under its management in such a short span of time. Also, this puts NameSilo in the top 15 of the 3000+ ICANN-accredited registrars in the world. It is also named as one of the fastest growing registrars in the industry.

On this achievement, NameSilo’s CEO Kristaps Ronka says that “Our entire team at NameSilo would like to thank our customers and partners for helping us achieve this tremendous milestone. It is a privilege to have become the go-to registrar for so many customers around the world looking to register and manage their domains. Know that we remain committed to offering best-in-class products and services, high quality customer support and the lowest everyday pricing!”

NameSilo CMO Endrit Muca also spoke on this achievement. She says that “We are really excited for the future of this industry and look forward to continue doing our part in order to drive education, awareness and internet literacy. In a time when the world is becoming increasingly more connected through the internet, websites have become online representations of our businesses, entertainment portals and educational resources. We help empower our customers to navigate these digital landscapes and in doing so, have become a force in the domain registration market.”

It is worth noting that the company which we now know as NameSilo was first launched in 2010 and was later acquired by Brisio Innovations in 2018. Currently, NameSilo operates under the name NameSilo Technologies.


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