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Google announces YouTube’s Masthead ads now available for everyone



Youtube Masthead ads

Google is known to be the best search engine out there which attracts over a billion users every day. However, Google’s search engine is totally free, as is every other search engine, so the company needs advertisements to make money. And it has to be said that Google is doing extremely well in its advertisement revenue.

Now, there are other products from Google too which rely on advertisement for its revenue. One of the most popular products out of them is YouTube. This has become the main source of video content viewing for billions every month. Same as Google Search, YouTube also serves ads to its users and lets them watch content for free.

This not only helps Google sustain its business but also helps YouTube creators make revenue out of their content. One of the main reason YouTube is thriving is also because of its advertisers. Therefore, Google has announced a new way to help its advertisers.

You might have noticed an ad placement on YouTube which is termed as Masthead ads. These type of ads are seen on the homepage of YouTube right at the top. Therefore, the chances of people seeing and even clicking these ads are extremely high.

But these type of ads were limited to certain advertisers only by now. However, YouTube has now announced that the Masthead ads will be available for each and every advertiser from now on. This will not only increase the potential of engagement for advertisers but it will also increase the bids for these type of ads.

Here is Google’s announcement on this matter:

With premium placement atop the YouTube Home feed, guaranteed reach and the flexibility of CPM buying, the opportunity to drive impact with the Masthead has never been greater.”

Having said that, it has to be noted that Masthead ads might still remain out of reach for the majority of advertisers due to its cost


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