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Google asks employees to rewrite Bard AI’s answers for bad responses



Google Bard AI

We all know that an AI war is going on right now between two of the biggest players in the tech industry, Microsoft and Google. From the outside, it looks like Microsoft is winning this battle against all odds as it has been the first to deploy its AI chatbot ChatGPT to its Bing Search engine, but we should discount Google from this race as the company has stood its test of time. Although Google has also showcased its AI chatbot Bard AI to the world, we know that it is still in testing and will take time to be deployed.

However, a mistake with their Bard AI cost Google billions of dollars as their AI chatbot gave an incorrect answer, and their value got wiped out in a matter of minutes. It looks like Google does not want to repeat its mistake, which is why they have sent an email to its employees regarding Bard AI. It is reported that Google’s vice president of Search, Prabhakar Raghavan, sent an email to their employees. In the email, seen by CNBC, it was written that the employees need to correct the bad responses from Bard AI.

Earlier, Sundar Pichai also said that employees need to give 2 to 4 hours of their working time for Bard and make it better as the AI “learns best by example”. Raghavan’s email also added, “This is exciting technology but still in its early days,”. “We feel a great responsibility to get it right, and your participation in the dogfood will help accelerate the model’s training and test its load capacity (Not to mention, trying out Bard is actually quite fun!).”

From this email and Google CEO’s instructions, it looks pretty clear where the entire company’s focus is right now. Not to mention the fact that retaining Google Search users is quite crucial for Google from a business standpoint as well; otherwise, they might have to renegotiate or lose the deal with Apple, where they have agreed to keep Google’s search engine as default on all Apple devices which could be a body blow to the company.

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