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Google Ads will stop customer support via social media from Jan 1, 2020



Google Ads

As far as SEO is concerned, there are two ways to get traffic which are organic and inorganic. Talking about inorganic traffic, it can be achieved through ads and the best platform to have your ads is on Google Ads. This is because your ads will be shown on each and every Google service which shows ads such as YouTube, Gmail and others. While on other networks, your ad gets limited to either one or two platforms owned by them. Talking about Google Ads, we know it can be quite expensive and that is the reason why we have customer support on the platform too.

This customer support helps people understand what type of ads they should run and how they can get the maximum results. However, we have a change when it comes to getting customer support for the Google Ads division. Till now, we were able to get customer support regarding Google Ads from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, Google has announced that its social media accounts will not provide customer support for Google Ads. Instead, users will be redirected to the online form for submitting their queries and getting replies.

This means that you will be able to still get customer support but just that your source of getting the support will need to be modified. While we know that the online forms will be a slower way to get customer support rather than from their social media profiles, we understand that Google wants to streamline its customer service. Also, they have done this in order to improve security from phishing and spam. In a statement, Google says that they will only provide “1:1 communication through direct email, phone or chat”. We believe that this will be somewhat inconvenient for users at first but the change will secure people from getting hacked in the long run.

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