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Bing’s search ranking factors might have been revealed by its updated guidelines



Bing ranking factors

We all have been working on the Google search as well as Bing search engine from years and every single one of us has been trying to find out the exact ranking factors that make your site go up or down in the search results. Now, this is also to say that both Google and Bing have their own set of criteria for ranking a website and they might not match at all or only in some parts. So in the world of SEO, one rule fits all is not always the case and you have to apply different things for different search engines.

However, we have seen that Google is mostly preferred by everyone while other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are often neglected. Having said that, it would be great to see how Bing exactly works and what it does differently from Google. This might now be known to us thanks to updates in Bing’s guidelines that also hint towards the possible ranking factors used by them.

Bing says that “Bing search results are generated by using an algorithm to match the search query a user enters into the search engine with content in our index,” and that they are not done by hand meaning that there is no possibility of manual intervention inside its algorithm which Google has been accused of quite a lot over the years.

The company added that it “designs – and continually improves – its algorithms to provide the most comprehensive, relevant and useful collection of search results available.” As for the ranking factors, Bing outlines some of these factors as Relevance, Quality and Credibility, User engagement, Freshness, Location and Page Load time. Now, these might or might not be the ranking factors used by Bing but they sure are guides to how you should have your site so as to have the best possible results.

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