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Twitter will now be rolling out changes in the cropping algorithm of the platform: Users to get freedom of cropping pictures



Twitter is now providing a feature to all of the users through which they will be able to crop their own image previews. The users will now have greater control over how their photos available for all of the other followers on their main feed. Many of the users were recently seen complaining that the platform image cropping algorithm is not very good. It does not help to crop out relevant things from the photos. Users are not able to preview how their image will be shown in the main feed. The concerned authorities of Twitter are working hard to develop ways for users to control their image. The users will get more visibility of what the image will look like once uploaded on the feed.

The concerned authorities of Twitter said that they are working hard so that they can decrease the reliance on ML-based image cropping. The platform will be giving more flexibility to the users so that they can crop their own image the platform. Twitter will also be working towards the “what you see is what you get” principle. The image which will be shown in the composer will be visible on the feed, nothing will be changed. Whenever you upload any image on Twitter, it is cropped to 600 pixels by 335 pixels. However, cropping is algorithmically that is the platform will crop the picture as per its liking. The cropping will be done on the basis of the original size of the image.

The authorities of Twitter also said that they should have done a greater job in designing the cropping algorithm. They said that they are quite aware of their responsibility to fix the problem that the users are facing in this cropping algorithm. They will be working towards making their system more understandable for the users

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