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Bing will now known as Microsoft Bing due to the new rebranding by the company.



Bing has officially rebranded itself as Microsoft Bing. The platform also launched new and latest changes with new colours and a new logo. The homepage of the platform now also features a Microsoft logo with the all-new Bing logo. The new logo of the platform is quite interesting and kind of better than the last one. The new logo is a lot like Microsoft. The all-new Bing logo will definitely catch your eye because it is a very subtle blue colour. When you will log on to the homepage of Bing, you will first of all see the Microsoft logo embedded on the top left corner of the home page.

A block post was introduced by the concerned authorities of Bing to welcome their new changes and their new branding. In the blog post, the concerned authorities of Bing said that the users will be witnessing a shift in product to Microsoft Bing. They said that the rebranding reflects their continuous integration of search experiences across the Microsoft company. They said that a decision was taken by Bing to add their parent company name before their name. Microsoft also said that many of their products are powered by Bing.

However, the branding of the two companies seems to be inconsistent. Bing is not universally referred to as Microsoft Bing yet. Also, the logo of the platform has not been updated everywhere in the web world. Also, we saw that Bings ads were replaced by Microsoft ads. This change was done last year by the companies. However, many of the experts suggested that Bing must have renamed itself as Microsoft search but the company seems to be very interested in the name Bing. Some of the Microsoft products powered by Bing are InPrivate search with Microsoft Edge, Windows taskbar searches, Work search scenarios with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Flight Simulator, etc.

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