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Twitter teases upcoming feature which lets users limit tweet replies



Twitter replies limit

If you have used Twitter or are currently using Twitter on a daily basis, you can understand that the platform can be great but it can also be nasty. This is because you get all kinds of replies on the platform which could be hard to read and might also be harmful to your health. For this reason, we have seen many people saying that Twitter has become “toxic” and that they are leaving the platform for the same reason. We know that Twitter also knows about it but they have not done much about it all this while.

But now, we see that Twitter is taking the first steps to improve the platform by adding new features. In the latest announcement, Twitter said that it is testing a new feature which will let the tweet posters to control over who can reply to their tweets. There is already a mute button on Twitter which will mute tweet replies on your tweet so you don’t get notified about each and every reply you get. However, this feature is different as it won’t allow people to reply even if they want to.

We are aware that the feature will let you choose if you want people to reply to your tweet or you want no replies to your tweet at all. Also, it will let you choose if you only want replies to your tweet from users you follow. Now, there are already people saying that this is a feature with the potential to be abused. Because since people can limit who can reply to their tweet, there is a chance that fake news will spread on the platform as no one can fact-check the story and reply to the tweet and correct them if needed. People say that this is one possible scenario of many things that could go wrong if this feature is implemented.

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