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Study reveals that a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn gives 71% more chance of job interview




A study was conducted on the different profiles available on LinkedIn and published by Statista which is a company based on statistics as the name reveals. Now, the study has found some interesting insights into appearing for a job interview for any company. If someone is looking for a job, everyone recommends them to create a LinkedIn profile.

However, Statista’s study reveals that making a LinkedIn only is not enough. Rather, you have to create a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn as well. If you have a comprehensive on LinkedIn, the corporate platform, it increase your chance of making it to a job interview that much more. As far as exact figures are concerned, you have 71% higher chance of being called for job interview if you are having a detailed profile on LinkedIn.

Also, it is obvious that companies or HR managers will have higher confidence if someone maintains their profiles properly. This gives them an idea about what type of person the job seeker might be. This study was conducted by ResumeGo which is a service for CV and resume writing.

It is also revealed that the 71% higher chance for a job interview is for person having comprehensive profile against a person not having LinkedIn profile at all. For the purpose of study, ResumeGo decided to conduct a field study and sent 24,750 fictitious resumes on different job platforms. These resumes had profiles which had no LinkedIn profile, non-comprehensive LinkedIn profile and comprehensive LinkedIn profile divided equally.

Statista-LinkedIN study infographic

It was found out that 13.5% resumes got a callback who had a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. On the other hand, about 7.9% candidates got a callback who had no LinkedIn profile at all. However, it was also noted that LinkedIn profiles were slightly less important when the job roles were increased. For example, if a candidate was applying for managerial role as compared to fresher job, LinkedIn profile was not given much importance.


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