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Orphan pages can be easily found by your Google Analytics data!



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A web page which does not have any link is known as Orphan page. It is highly difficult to find an orphan page. Because there are no links in the orphan page it is very difficult for the search engine to find them. These pages almost never show up in your search results. These pages are really not that helpful for the users or the crawlers. The users will not be able to reach these pages. If you are giving vital information on an orphan page then it is a total waste of time. They can also create a difficult user experience. It is very difficult for the search engine to evaluate these pages.

Orphan pages are quite different from dead-end pages. The dead-end page does not provide links to any internal or external web pages or websites. It is like a dead-end for the users. Both orphan pages and dead-end pages are very different. Users will not be able to go anywhere else from dead-end pages. They will just have two options. Either they will have to hit back from these pages or just abandon the website. However, creating a dead-end page now is very difficult with a lot of themes and ideas that are present for the users.

You can look for the orphan pages by your Google Analytics data. If one page is never visited then it will definitely have a record in Google Analytics. If you want to get the list of URLs and you will have to click on the behaviour option present in the left sidebar. From then you will have to click on Site Content. Finally, click on the option of All Pages. The number of times your orphan page is visited will be quite low. Click on the option of Pageviews. Make sure that the list of URIs is sorted in ascending order from least to most pageviews. The orphan page will be displayed on the top.

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