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Google Search Rankings showing early signs of an algorithm update



Google algorithm update

It is a fact that the search rankings inside Google are changing every now and then. There is no way that a website which is ranking at the top will remain at the top even after a month. One of the reasons behind this is Google constantly updating and tweaking its algorithm. However, we see that there are some major algorithm updates from Google too. Recently, we saw an algorithm update from Google which was announced as well.

Now, Barry Schwartz from SEORoundtable says that a new algorithm update might just be rolling out. This is because he is noticing frequents changes in the search ranking positions. In all likeliness, it will be related to an algorithm update. However, it does not mean that Google will announce that they have released an update.

At the moment, the results are not enough to say that this is definitely an algorithm update. But it might turn out to be an update to search as well. Also, this might be some sort of testing which could be going on inside Google and which we are not aware about. However, the trends show that the traffic is fluctuating.

One user said that his website received a 60% increase in traffic on a specific time one day. Then on the next day at the same time, his site went down in traffic by 60%. This type of fluctuations shows that something is definitely happening inside Google’s algorithm.

Another user from the SEO Community claims that whatever this is related to Speed of the website. By this, he means that the speeds of the website are currently affecting traffic that a website is getting.

As we mentioned earlier, the changes are not big enough on any of the factors to say that this is definitely an algorithm update. But something out of ordinary is definitely going on. Therefore, you should monitor your website too and see if you are seeing similar trends in your traffic as well.


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