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Google says too many heading tags should not be used



Heading tags

While we have seen that everyone has their own idea when it comes to SEO and its implementation, there are people out there who think that their method is always the right time. Now, there are some SEOs who would tell you that using heading tags inside your articles is a good idea and an easy way to get your article picked up by Google. While we are not saying that heading tags are not good for usage inside the articles since they make the article well-formatted which is why user love to read those articles.

However, the point is that it should come down to the scenario where people are spamming the article with too many heading tags that the content you are trying to show to people is not being visible and all they see are heading tags. Now, Google’s John Mueller has answered the same question on Reddit and he has also said that using too many heading tags is a “waste of SEO”.

Mueller responded to a question on Reddit regarding use of heading tags saying that “Having this many sections is almost never going to make sense, and changing anything in the last level is never going to change anything with regards to SEO. This is a waste of time when it comes to SEO.”

John added that “It’s obvious when you just look at the numbers… Assuming you have 3 sub-sections per section, that would be: 1xH1 (insert argument about number of H1s here) * 3xH2 * 3xH3 * 3xH4 * 3xH5 * 3xH6 = 243 headings / sections on this page.”

This clearly tells you that while using a few heading tags on a single page is a good idea, you should not go overboard with it since it tells the user that purpose of this article is only to get ranked and not provide information to them.

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