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Google explains why there are issues with infinite scrolling on a site



Lazy loading

You must have seen a lot of websites on the internet and if you are a digital marketer, it goes without saying that you will know a lot about the way they work and more. Now, there are mostly two types of websites on the web with regards to scrolling. The first type of websites are the one where a user needs to scroll down to the bottom and the content will load automatically without clicking on any button. Now, this is great from a user’s perspective as they can see content while scrolling without clicking on anything.

But let’s assume that you want to check the footer of any website with infinite scrolling, we would say good luck to you for that because it is almost impossible and a tiring job to do so. On the other hand, there are websites which either have pagination meaning you need to go to next page for more content or have “load more” button which when clicked will show more content on the same page.

Now, users are complaining that their SEO is getting hurt when they have the first kind of sites with infinite scrolling and automatic loading of content. So Google’s Martin plitt has explained why that is a problem. Martin said he should remind everyone that Googlebot doesn’t scroll through pages. Therefore, the content which loads on infinite scrolling will not be indexed by Googlebot.

This technique of infinite scrolling is also known as “lazy loading” and its name is derived from users who are lazy in going to the next page. Martin explains that if there is content which is shown only while scrolling, it will not be indexed by Googlebot. The Googlebot can only index context that is visible when a site has been loaded for the first time.

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