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Google says its search quality raters don’t have direct influence on rankings



Google Search Quality Raters

If you have been following Google from a while now and you know how the SEO industry is, you will also know that the feed that you see inside Google Search is passed through a team of moderators around the world which are known as Search Quality Raters. They are basically people who would inspect on webpages inside the Google Search to see if they match the quality of the search engine and whether or not they are spammy in any way. If any pages are found to be spammy, the quality raters have the power to remove them from the search engine which is what their job is.

However, this also brings a question of how much power do these people known as “Quality Raters” exactly have when it comes to Google Search Results. People say that these quality raters can influence the rankings and increase or decrease the rankings of a particular page if they want. But Google has now responded to this saying that search quality raters don’t have the power to directly influence rankings.

Google’s Danny Sullivan says that even though search quality raters are told to give a rating to pages to understand how they are with regards to the source of any article, he adds that “It’s important to note that this rating does not directly impact how this page or site ranks in search. Nobody is deciding that any given source is “authoritative” or “trustworthy.” In particular, pages are not assigned ratings as a way to determine how well to rank them.”

From this, we can understand that search quality raters do rank the sites based on certain factors but they are not the judgement-makers. Once these ratings are made, Google must be doing something else to make sure that the websites are ranked well inside Search.

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