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Google says it will crack down on invalid ad clicks on its AdSense platform



Google AdSense

Google, as we all know, is taking more and more steps right now to counter fake views, bots and spam. These actions are taken by the company all across their services. This also applies to YouTube, Google Search and other services as well. Now, you must be aware that the main business model for Google has been serving ads and giving their products for free. This means that Google also has a platform to serve ads on different websites as well. This platform is named Google AdSense and it is available from the past decade and counting.

With the help of Google AdSense, you can place the ad code on your website or something else such as a blog and show ads to your visitors. In return, you will earn money on the ads clicked by users which is likely compensation for your content. However, it has come to notice of Google that invalid ad clicks have grown to a greater extent inside Google AdSense.

Invalid ad clicks are basically the ad clicks which happen mistakenly, via bots as well as through accounts made just to click on ads. This obviously violates the Google AdSense’s policies because those ad clicks do not help advertisers at all. Now, Google is cracking down on invalid clicks on its AdSense platform and here is what the company has to say about that:

“This year, we’re enhancing our defenses even more by improving the systems that identify potentially invalid traffic or high risk activities before ads are served. These defenses allow us to limit ad serving as needed to further protect our advertisers and users…”

While we don’t know what Google will do as a part of this crackdown, we do know that the invalid traffic or other types of click bots will be reduced to a greater extent.

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