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Google says it is “technically impossible” to count links on the web correctly



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There have been many instances where software falls short and the best way to know about something is through an estimate. This also applies to the SEO field as well where we have lots and lots of tools which tell you about different figures regarding your website. For example, you would see some plugins which report that your website is gaining X amount of traffic. However, the other tool would show Y amount of traffic which is usually way higher or way lower than the X predicted by the previous tool.

Well, things get interesting when you come to know that the actual traffic is totally different from what the tools showed. Therefore, it is always advisable to take the predictions from different tools with a pinch of salt. However, there are some people who rely on the estimates shown by those tools too much and don’t get the results they expected and get demotivated.

Now, Google’s John Mueller has come out to say something which we all wanted to hear, sort of. A Twitter user posted that the link data on different tools is shown differently. This begs the question of which data is accurate and which is not to be believed. While this is a very valid argument, we also don’t know the answer to this.

John Mueller also makes matters worse as he says that it is “technically impossible” to count links on the web correctly. This means that no tool is perfect when it comes to counting the numbers of links that you have created on the website. He adds that everyone “just makes different approximations & assumptions”. With this, it can be clearly said that there is no reason to believe that a tool is better than others when it comes to counting links. The only thing that might occur is that some tools would make better assumptions compared to others.

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