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Google rolls out update adding favicons and black ad labels inside search results



Google favicons

There has been quite a talk lately about the fact that what we see inside Google search results are organic results as well as inorganic results. Basically, organic results are the results you see which are there according to the Google algorithm’s understanding of where those articles should rank.

However, the inorganic results for your keywords are the ads that advertisers have paid for in order to show them to you once a specific keyword is searched. Now, it is possible that some users would think that those are also organic keywords and click on them meaning that the organic results would have no value of its own.

Also, Google has been accused of not showing which results are ads in a proper manner. Now, we have a new announcement from Google where the company says that it will now highlight the ads inside search results with a different colour so that it is easier to differentiate. Also, the search results will now have favicons apart from the site names. This means that you will be seeing the site logo or a favicon of user’s choice inside search results.

However, there is a chance that this new feature might also be misused. Because Google says that you can let them know which favicon should be featured rather than just taking them from the site. So you can customize your favicon as you please and this might hide your ads by confusing users.

Some experts say that Google Ads CTR will be increased due to this change. While there is still a long way to go before we can say anything about that, we do feel that this will help all the advertisers as well as increase revenue for the publishers while also providing transparency to search users regarding ads and non-ads.

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