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Google recommends not to change anything on evergreen content and keep date



Evergreen content

There are several types of content when it comes to a website while there are few core types of categories for the content. One of them is permanent content which means it does not change and is static. The other types of content are evergreen content which means it can be relevant at any point of time even if you surface it after ten years as it will remain the same. On the other hand, there is non-evergreen content which includes articles such as news and tips which keep on changing over time.

Now, we see that there are many website owners who build an evergreen content site so that people can visit it at any time and benefit from its traffic. Google now says that you don’t need to change anything on evergreen content sites to make it relevant once again. Now, this is regarding a common understanding in the SEO world that you need to keep updating your content even if it is evergreen to make sure that it is still retaining the position. However, Google says that you don’t need to do so as if the content is evergreen, there is no need to update anything.

Also, Google says that you need to keep dates inside evergreen content too. This means that your article will show when it was published and it might be possible that people think the article is too old and not relevant so they might not perform better. It is the reason why many believe that dates should be removed from evergreen content. On this, Google says otherwise and recommends you to put dates on evergreen content as there is no performance issue with this. However, SEOs would say that people would not like to read an article which is too old and that dates should not be kept even though Google says so.

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