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Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm update is big and still rolling out, says Barry Schwartz



Google June 2019 Core Algorithm Update

Barry Schwartz, who is a popular name in the SEO community, commented on the recent Google Core Search algorithm update. As we know, Google pre-announced its Core Search algorithm update for the first time ever. Also, the update was given the name as June 2019 Core Search Algorithm update even before it was rolled out. Sometimes, it does happen that Google does not tell users about the update or does not name the update.

However, this time Google did both of these things which were out of the ordinary. This suggested that the June 2019 update is going to be a big one. And Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable also seems to think so. He says that the fact Google pre-announced this update is a reason enough that the update was going to be a major one. Also, Danny Sullivan from Google even mentioned that this update will be “definitely noticeable”

Apart from that, there is a lot of chat regarding the update in the SEO community. However, it must be said that people are still noticing changes in their rankings which shows that the update rollout is not done yet. And it is clear that the major update rollout is still going on.

Some SEO members say that they are saying massive recoveries to the websites that were penalized earlier due to the Google updates. On the other hand, some people are seeing, even more, drops in the rankings after the latest update. Apart from that, people are also mentioning that their websites are improving which were hit in the last Google Medic update.

Now, this also makes sense because John Muller from Google said that their algorithm is now understanding content related to medicine much better than before. This means that the content which was penalized for wrong reasons is slowly getting traffic and rankings that it deserves.


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