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Google does try to understand a site’s comment section as primary content



Comments section

One of the best and also the worst things that you can have on your website is a comments section. This is one of the biggest pain points for any website owners and we are the live example of this situation. We are talking about the comments section and whether it should be there on a website or not. Now, you must have seen that most of the websites have a comments section and some of them even have a comments section which is not moderated at all. Therefore, those comments section are possibly the most spammy since anyone can post a comment.

For those who have a moderated comment section, they have tons of comment requests in their admin panel and they have to dig deep to see which one is genuine. This means that people get frustrated and disable the comments section all-together. However, that is also not a good thing to do as genuine readers would feel interested in commenting or asking questions but there is nowhere to go for them.

Now, Google’s John Mueller has revealed something that would be of serious concern for website owners who have an open comments section. Because he reveals that Google tries to understand the comment section of a website. More importantly, the company also takes a website’s comment section as the primary section. This means if you have a healthy comment section, you are in the best place but if you have a spammy one, your site might get hurt.

Also, John Mueller reveals that “maybe you don’t have a lot of content in your blog post but there are lots of really good comments on there. So it’s important for us to say well this could be something that is really useful for this particular page, so we should not ignore it by default”.

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