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Google has served 11 million fact-checked articles per day this year



Google fact-checking

We know that the social media platforms across the world have been criticized of serving articles and news that might now always be accurate. However, we know that a lot of people believe them and it is the reason why violence takes place on many occasions. While we know that it is always advised to check for the authenticity of something before jumping to a conclusion, people don’t do so and make their own conclusions. For this reason, we have started to see fact-checking being implemented on Google, Facebook and other platforms.

These fact-checking teams at the various companies will try to authenticate the articles or material such as video or photo by checking its facts. If they don’t find the articles to be real, they will remove them or show you that the material is fake. However, this was not present earlier and people used to believe everything they saw on the internet. Now, Google wants to tell you how much it has progressed in terms of fact-checking articles and the company reveals it has served 11 million fact-checking articles per day this year.

Apart from the 11 million articles per day, the even higher number is 4 billion impressions per year. Now, we know that the fact-checking schema is there in Google Search from 3 years but it has become important nowadays when elections are taking place. SEJ reveals that “Displaying fact check labels are made possible with ClaimReview markup; a special type of schema markup that allows fact-checkers to identify whether claims made on the web page are true or not”.

If the markup is enabled for a particular website, it will show you below the search results that the article has been fact-checked and it is either true or false. AFP Fact Check team checks the authenticity of the said material and we can then trust it.

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