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Pasting Your Website Link On Wikipedia Does Nothing For Your SEO



Wikipedia links

Everyone wants to rank his or her page on Google. To do so, there are many types of options which are available for the owner of the website. People try various types of options to rank their page on Google. One of the recent cases were to use Wikipedia so that you can include backlinks of your website in it. Wikipedia is a wide source of information and is very popular among students. Although, Wikipedia is a very reliable source of information this cannot be used for SEO purposes. If you edit the Wikipedia page and add your website link in it then it will be of no use.

While using Wikipedia you can definitely edit the page and add your personal information in it but you cannot add your backlinks. Even if you add your backlinks in the page, it will lead you to nowhere. The owners of Wikipedia have already implemented a Nofollow link across the whole site. Even if a verified user or an authority is including a link to themselves then also it will be no-followed. The makers of Wikipedia have already predicted the future and made the arrangements.

The officials at Wikipedia always remove links from the website even if you add a dozen of them. As per the official Google representative John Mueller, “creating extra work for the Wikipedia maintainers who will remove your link drops.”

Wikipedia took this decision in the year 2007. At that time, the users of Wikipedia were spamming the site and the makers wanted to reduce the spam. As per John Mueller, dropping a link to one’s website on Wikipedia is nothing but a waste of time for both the parties. The officials at Wikipedia do not wait for even a second before removing the link as spam. He also addresses the users to build something of good quality rather than wasting their time on Wikipedia.

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