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Understand The Pattern Followed By The Users While Undertaking A Google Research



People using Google

Whenever we search anything on Google we tend to follow patterns to suit our preferences. A recent study which was concluded by Backlinko recorded several patterns which users perform while doing their search. The company analysed around 1800 Google users and recorded their patterns.

Google is a go-to thing whenever we are confused about any query. Companies are trying SEO that is search engine optimisation, domain authority and many other features related to website ranking so that they can be ranked on the first page of the search engine.

Users of Google tend to follow some patterns while they are searching for their favourable results.

As per the reports by backlinko, patterns of the users are as follows-

  • 23% of the users tend to use Google’s autocomplete suggestions
  • 50% of the users click on their result within 9 seconds of searching.
  • The average amount of time taken to search for something on the platform is 14.6 seconds.
  • 9% of the users go to the bottom of the first page of the search results.
  • 15% of users tend to modify their initial search term.
  • 17% of users tend to go back to the search results after clicking on one result.
  • 5% of users go back to the search page more than once
  • 59% of the users visit a single page during the search.
  • 6% of the users visit four or more pages
  • 65% of the users click on a traditional “10 blue link” search result.
  • 19% of the users click on a Google Ad during their search.
  • 42% of the users click on results inside of the Google Maps Pack.
  • 19% of the users click on a Google Shopping result if looking for a product.
  • 3% of the users interact with the “People Also Ask” box.
  • 44% of the users go to the second page of Google’s search results.
  • It only takes 76 seconds to complete search
  • 50% of the users finish their search in 53 seconds.

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