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Majority of SEOs feel that your rankings can get impacted by your site’s UX



User Experience

We have known that everyone in the SEO industry is finding reasons why a website has a better ranking than the others. While there are some reasons that are quite obvious, there are other reasons which are not so obvious. There are certain myths in the SEO industry as well which get busted from time to time. However, we are here to tell you about the impact of UX on a website’s ranking.

If you are someone who believes that a website’s ranking gets affected because of its user experience, please let us know why in the comments section below. Also, there are people who believe that user experience has nothing to do with ranking. While that might be true for some parts, it is also not true for other parts.

Well, we now have a new report saying that most of the SEO professionals around the world believe that a website’s ranking is affected by a site’s user experience. In short, user experience is the experience that a website visitor gets on your website. This will include the ads your website might have which are coming in the way or not. Also, your website might have a button which is not functional then that also adds to the list of bad UX.

A poll was also conducted by a Twitter user on the impact of UX on site rankings and there were options such as UX impacts “directly”, “indirectly” and “Neither”. While 40% of the people voted “directly”, there are 54% SEO professionals who say that UX impacts a site ranking “indirectly while only 6% believe “Neither”.

Now, we also feel that the UX of a website impacts its ranking indirectly. Because if you have good UX, your website’s bounce rate will reduce and this is one of the factors that affect your rankings. Also, the time that a user spends on your website will increase because of good UX and thus, your revenue will also increase because of more ad views and clicks.


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