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Instagram adds ‘Checkout on Instagram’ for in-app shopping inside its app




In the recent times, we are seeing trends changing when it comes to e-commerce. Earlier, there used to be a time when people were extremely hesitant about buying from the likes of Amazon. However, we now see that a lot of e-commerce websites, big and small, are doing well in the market. Now, one of the biggest social media networks in the world is also looking to get a share of the e-commerce market with its latest feature addition.

This new feature added by Instagram to its app is called “Checkout by Instagram”. Basically, you can now buy products directly inside the Instagram app as well. Therefore, you do not get redirected to any other app while using Instagram and clicking on any particular product.

For example, if you like a clothing product and click on it then the product will be shown inside Instagram’s new Checkout tab. From here, you can select the size, colour and all the other options. After that, you can make the payment from inside Instagram as well. Finally, Instagram sends you notifications regarding the product till the time it reaches you.

At the moment, this “Checkout on Instagram” feature is only available in the US. That too, it is a feature added only in the closed beta stage. From the US, only 23 businesses have participated in the initial trial of this new feature. Later on, it is expected that many more companies will participate once the feature comes out of closed beta.

There is also an ‘Orders’ tab where you will be able to track your ordered items. Also, your payment method will be saved for future transactions. As for merchants, they will not be able to access a user’s details apart from name and address. Instagram is charging businesses a fee for each transaction so that it can generate another revenue stream.

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