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Google reveals that they only rewrite a low number of page titles




You must have seen that Google Search is one of the best platforms when it comes to organic as well as paid results which are helpful to the audience. This is because of Google’s investment which is a lot in understanding what people want to see when they write something specific in their search boxes. Now, one of the main things that a user sees when they search something is the title of the page which helps them understand if they have found the right result or not.

Now, it is known that Google does change some of the titles inside its search results. This is according to the user intent and what they want to see and how they can optimize the title better. However, it is revealed that Google does not change the title of the articles every day. In fact, it is very rare that Google needs to change the title of any article. However, if you thought that your article is good since Google changed the title then that is not the case. Because we have confirmation that Google changes the title if it feels the need and it is bad for you.

If your title needs to be changed by Google, it means that you need to do more work on your title from next time. Google adds site name to the title but if they are rewriting the title, it means that “that is a sign you should work on rewriting those titles”. Now, this information comes from a conference named UnGagged which is sort of a private meeting with Gary Illyes from Google. Apparently, you are not supposed to share what you learn from this conference but this information was shared as it is revealed that “we had permission to tweet the Q&A portion of his keynote”

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