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Google makes a blunder and loses access to domain



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If we have to look at some of the biggest blunders in the SEO industry, the latest report we are going to give comes right on top of them. The latest report from Google is that they have rendered millions of websites that were hosted on down and useless. Now, there is no server outage of any other problems that have been the reason behind this downtime. The reason is that Google has lost access to their domain since it was expired and someone failed to renew it in the given time.

According to the reports we are getting, the domain was available at inbackorder and someone who was sharp acquired the domain and registered it before anyone else could. This meant that Google’s access to the domain was lost as the domain’s nameservers were changed. Now, we are sure that Google must be talking with the domain holder to get back their domain if they want to. One thing to note is that the websites can be loaded if you change the domain from to but the .in domain has been lost.

While this is not a huge deal for people who have used their domains but it also shows a blunder Google has made and how committed the company really is towards their free blogger platform. One reason why everyone tells you to host your own website on a server is because of such problems. Today, it is Google that have made this mistake but it could be anyone from or Wix or someone else that could repeat the same.

Having said that, we do realize that not everyone is able to host their own website as it requires some knowledge but it is better to learn those things if you are serious rather than facing such problems.

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