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Google ignores links from websites which are likely to not be natural



Google links

You must have heard about the most important part of doing SEO for your website which is building links for your website. Basically, there are two types of link building processes where one is to build links for your site and other is to build links from your site for other sites. These links are called as outbound links and inbound links where outbound links are links going out of your website and vice-versa. However, it does happen many times that there are a lot of spam inbound links which are pointing to your site. All you can do for those links is to disavow them so that they don’t hurt your site.

Now, most of the SEOs have been doing this from quite some time now in order to prevent their websites from getting spammed. There are people out there who do this for taking revenge too which they call negative SEO which is to bombard sites with spam links. But we know that Google has also gotten smarter with such practices and we now have a revelation from Google’s John Mueller regarding unnatural links.

Right now, the unnatural links coming to our sites have to be disavowed so that Google’s bots don’t index them for our website and hurt our rankings. But John Mueller reveals that they have been ignoring unnatural links from quite some time now. This is in response to a question asked by a user who asked John that he is seeing “100s of backlinks from  and related spammy domains. Ignore or disavow?”. To this, John replied saying that “We already ignore links from sites like that, where there are unlikely to be natural links. No need to disavow :)”. Now, this comes as a relief to website owners who have their sites bombarded with such type of links.

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