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Google AdSense might be back to reviewing websites after COVID-19 break



Google AdSense approval

We have seen that the Coronavirus pandemic hit everyone all over the world and this was not just limited to one specific location, city or country but almost the entire population. Due to that reason, we can see that the US companies which affect the business of a lot of other countries were also affected. One such company is Google and they run the services for their ad business named Google AdSense. This is a program in which Google approves publishers in order to show ads on their website which will earn them revenue while making Google dollars from the advertisers.

In the Covid-19 initial phases, there was a complete lockdown in the US where Google had to suspend its operations and it was making employees work from home. Due to that, some things had to be stopped and one of them was reviewing new sites to be included in the Google AdSense partner program. This approval is needed for you to show ads on the site and since it was not possible, the websites were not able to earn revenue.

Also, we had seen that the advertising business was suffering a lot during the Coronavirus pandemic and there was hit in revenue for almost everyone who is involved in this business in some form or the other. But we have some good news because Google seems to have started approving websites which have applied for approval in the AdSense program.

Having said that, we have other reports via SERoundTable that publishers are still complaining about their websites not getting approved even after applying from a long time. Since they have not been rejected, it is likely that there is a delay in this process and the feeling is that the things will take time to get back to normal because of the work from home situation.

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