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We have seen that there has been a shift in the industry in terms of making websites. In earlier times, we saw that websites were only seen in the textual form but nowadays we see that websites have visual content too. The best examples are video streaming sites such as Netflix, YouTube and others which have limited textual content and majority of visual content. For these type of sites, the SEO which needs to be done is different. Similarly, we have seen the rise of podcasts as well which is an audio-visual form of content.

While there are people who release video podcasts, the majority of them do audio podcasts which means you can listen to them like normal songs. However, the question that many are asking is regarding SEO for a site that is only built based on podcasts. The best way to market anything is by building a website and if you only have a podcast, there will be nothing that you can put on the site other than links to your podcast. Therefore, Google’s John Mueller has now addressed this query and has given an answer for the same.

The user who asked this question said that they are worrying that Google might not know that their website is only having audiobooks, podcasts and other audio content and fear that they might get penalized for the same. Since Google has been handing penalty to sites which are “light on content”.

On this, John Mueller says that:

“You always need textual content on-page, regardless of what other kinds of content you might have. If you’re a video-hosting site, you still need things like titles, headings, text, links, etc. The same goes for audio-hosting sites.  Make it easy for search engines to understand your content & how it’s relevant to users, and they’ll be able to send you relevant traffic.”

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