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Here is how Twitter will let users limit who can reply to their tweets



Twitter reply limits

Earlier this month, Twitter revealed that you will soon be able to limit who can reply to your tweets. Basically, it will be similar to you sending a message without letting anyone reply to you on platforms such as WhatsApp and others. Now, we know that people have been bashing this feature from Twitter right, front and centre.

And this is obvious as well because people say that those who want to spread hatred around will use this feature quite extensively. They will first tweet what they feel is right and they will not let anyone reply so that their propaganda gets spread without anyone being able to correct them or have an argument.

Also, people say that this is a great way to spread fake news too and they fear that this feature will be misused too. Now, we have our first look at how Twitter is going to implement this feature which should tell us if the idea is good or bad. Twitter says that they will give options such as “Global”, “Group”, “Panel” and “Statement” for selecting audience for their tweets.

Basically, global is what you have right now which is that everyone can reply to your tweet. However, things get interesting with group, panel and statement. If you select the group as an audience, the people who you follow or mention will be able to reply and no one else. If panel is selected then only the person you have mentioned will be able to reply which is sort of line one-to-one tweet.

But Statement is literally making a statement where no one would be able to reply and things get interesting here. Because people will make a statement and go away and you can only like the tweet since you can’t reply even if you want to show support or are against it.

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