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Google is rolling out updates in shopping search results to make it easy for users to shop!



The concerned authorities of Google have updated the shopping search results. The users of Google will now be able to buy their favourite products with much ease. Google has now updated the policies of shopping search results. It will be more convenient for customers to pick up their products locally using Google. Google introduced the shopping search result page not a long time ago. The company is looking forward to helping the users continue their shopping by using the platform. The company will be combining the safety of shopping online with buying in-store experience. This will create a very great phenomenon for all of the users while shopping from Google.

As per the reports regarding the shopping search results, it is said that the searches for “curbside pickup” and “safe shopping” have increased since the last few months because of the pandemic. People are also searching for relevant queries from Google regarding shoppings and the reopening of their favourite stores. The users are also searching for their favourite items. Most importantly, people are quite worried about their safety while going to any store to buy a particular item search is also made regarding that. The company is making changes so that it can enhance the shopping search results according to the preference of the users.

The changes done by the platform will help the users to shop from their local businesses. The changes will also help the customers to shop safely amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Users will now be able to filter their results also. You can also choose the Nearby filter to look for shops that are open near you. The company will also offer the user ability to call the shop owner and ask for the specific product. There are also navigation links that will help the customers to reach the shop easily.

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