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Google Assistant on Android search results will now be more detailed



Google Assistant Updated results

Google has just announced a new update for its Google Assistant. However, this update is only rolled out for Android devices at the moment. With this update, you will now see detailed results on Google Assistant. Earlier, Google Assistant would show results related to your query in short. However, Google says that this update will show you much more detailed results which match the search results on its app or website.

Google Assistant results for “Stocks”

For example, if you searched for stocks of any company on Google Assistant right now, you would get a result with the current price of stocks and not much else. However, after this update Google Assistant will show the graph of stocks as well as its historical prices. This is exactly same as the result we see on Google Search results for the same search.

Similarly for events, Google Assistant will now give you detailed results as well. Right now, if you search for “events in Mountain View” on Google and Google Assistant then you will get different results. By different results, we mean to say that Google Assistant will not give you detailed results like Google Search. But with this update, both the results will be identical.

Another important change that Google announced is that Google Assistant will now show accompanying visuals when possible. This means you will now see images for search results inside Google Assistant too. This adds a new dimension to your searches and you get a better idea from Assistant results itself.

This particularly helps when you are searching for something that is better understood by images. For instance, if you would search for “cats” then you get images of cats as well which is helpful. Also, Google Assistant will now show links horizontally and fill your screen so that the links are better visually as well as functionally.


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