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Google addresses the concern of sites having same content



Google John Mueller

You must have seen that there are a lot of websites around the world and it is hard to count them all even in a few years time. Therefore, we are also not attempting to count all those websites right now. However, what we are going to tell you is regarding websites that have content which is same or similar to other websites. For examples, there are websites such as ringtone downloads which have same content since ringtones can’t all be different. There are other examples too of such sites and Google has now addressed the concern that these sites face.

Because we know that Google puts emphasis on unique content for each and every website as the Googlebot finds the same content as spam and filters those sites out and they can lose rankings. Now, Google has given advice to these sites that have similar content on them. However, this might also be seen as a setback for the site owners due to the fact that Google’s John Mueller does not give much hope.

John has revealed that even if your website has same content for example ringtones, it still has to be unique in one way or the other which might be in the description, logo, design or anything else that sets the site apart from others. His answer is as follows:

“In general, I think with a website that’s focused on ringtones, it’ll be a little bit tricky because our algorithms really do try to look out for unique, compelling, high-quality content.

And if your whole website is built up on essentially providing ringtones that are the same as everywhere else then I don’t know if our algorithms would say this is a really important website that we need to focus on and highlight more in search”.

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